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Defense Attorney for Drug Crimes in Wisconsin

Drug offenses are no laughing matter. At The Law Office of Nicholas J. Rifelj, LLC, we’re experienced in defending all types of drug-related offenses, from possession to disorderly conduct to possession with intent to sell. No matter the scope of the drug offense you’re charged with, The Law Office of Nicholas J. Rifelj, LLC can work with you and provide the best defense possible.

Understanding Your Charges

How you’re charged with a drug offense and what your possible sentence could be hinge on a number of factors. For example, were you in possession of a Schedule I drug—a drug the State considers to have a high dependency risk but not a feasible medical use—or a Schedule V drug—a prescription drug that was being abused.

Other factors can include:

  • Prior history of drug-related offenses and charges
  • What type of drug or drugs the accused was found with
  • What quantity (how much) of the drug the accused was found with

Why You Need an Experienced Attorney

Even if you think your offense or penalty may be relatively minor, you should always contact an experienced attorney who knows how to defend drug-related crimes. The Law Office of Nicholas J. Rifelj, LLC knows how to defend drug offenses and how to analyze your unique situation to make sure you are represented well and have the best legal defense possible.

Make no mistake: depending on the circumstance, just one drug-related conviction can potentially derail your entire life. You need a competent, responsible defense. The Law Office of Nicholas J. Rifelj, LLC will give your case the attention and priority it deserves, so that you have the best possible chance at success.

Call today at 608-628-3865 to learn more or to request a consultation.

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